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 Antech Semi-Metallic Brake Pad

• Excellent for heavy duty applications
• Outstanding wear characteristics
• 100% scorched for easy bed-in
• Outstanding Anti-noise and anti-vibration characteristics
• Positive molded for even wear characteristics
• Stable friction performance across a wide temperature range
• 100% Asbestos-free formulas


 Antech Ceramic Brake pad

• Specialized ceramic friction formulas provide excellent stopping power
• Ceramic friction compounds provide extended pad life
• 100% shimmed to eliminate noise and vibration
• Positive molded 
• Linear response both cold and hot
• Low dust formulations keep wheels clean
• Scorched for improved bed-in
• 100% Asbestos-free formulas


 Antech Non Asbestos Organic (NAO) Brake Pad

• Specialized friction formulas provide excellent stopping power
• Stable friction performance across a wide temperature range
• 100% shimmed to eliminate noise and vibration
• Formulas compounds extend rotor life
• High noise abatement
• Formulated for longer wear
• 100% Asbestos-free


 Antech Brake Shoe

• Friction material matched to braking system
• Exhaustive testing for critical factors such as efficiency and handbrake holding     
• Designed to provide frictional compatibility with front brake pads
• Outstanding Anti-noise characteristics
• Maximum Durability
• Great Brake Performance


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